Our world has certainly been changed over the last few years.   It has become more and more essential for individuals and businesses to adjust to try and maintain everyday life.   This adjustment can mean disaster for the socially based restaurant or gathering place that relies on in person interaction as a part of their normal day to day operations.

The Iso-Diner provides a convenient solution to those businesses looking to allow for socially distant dining opportunities and gathering sites.   With built in heap filters and transparent walls, these units are designed to allow maximum interaction with the outdoors and surrounding areas while still providing the ultimate in protection and compliance with distancing guidelines.    

Interestingly enough, this versatile dome version can be used for almost any application that requires social distancing.   Concerts, restaurants, staging areas, VIP pods, catering tents, and medical tents are just a few of the hundreds of applications this ready to go geodesic option lends itself to!


Domes For Life Iso-Diners are a perfect solution for restaurants, bars, and typical social gathering places that are looking for a solution to the COVID-19 situation.   However, we'd like to think of our HEPA filtered pods as more than just a temporary solution.  Originally built as VIP structures for private and commercial events, these structures serve a multitude of purposes such as VIP pods and catering shelters.   Imaging combining a VIP area that consists of exclusive dining areas and ultra posh Geo-Loungers for the high end guests looking for that extra mile.   Customization is nearly endless and we want to talk to you today about your ideas!  

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