There is something undoubtedly rewarding about sewing a seed in some soil and watching it successfully mature and reach its full potential.  Sometimes, however, environments and circumstances don’t allow adequate conditions for uncompromised growth.    

DomesForLife has created an efficient solution for those struggling with lack of space, animal interference, brutal temperatures, exceeding rainfall, and nosey neighbors.   Our Geo-Grower is the perfect solution for those with less than ideal growing situations.

The interesting thing about the Geo-Grower structure itself is that it can be a chameleon structure for a multitude of household tasks and a convenient solution for some of the most common household functions.

Airflow through the Geo-Grower is designed to replicate the cool flowing breeze that is associated with being outdoors without the detrimental effects of being exposed to the elements.   This means that the Geo-Grower can double easily as a child play-place, and tool storage area, or a dog sun shelter!    The possibilities are endless!


Domes For Life aims to make the dome building process simple, safe, and easy. After all, we love it so much we decided to do it for a living! If you aren't fully thrilled about assembling your new product we offer an assembly option and will send someone to your desired location. We look forward to speaking to you about how we can make the excitement of owning a geodesic creation an uninterrupted joy. Without a doubt, our geodesic creations will make you the talk of the town. These unique designs are curated for the ultimate "wow" factor to make you the envy of any neighbor or surrounding business. With an all-weather design and unparalleled support, we guarantee satisfaction or your money back.

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