The DomesForLife Geo-Grower line of geodesic dome products range from your backyard greenhouse dome for growing vegetables to a botanical garden that you can walk through and hang out in a beautiful green oasis and never leave the comfort of your own yard! The Geo-Growers are fully customizable with a whole host of features and amenities such as; optional skylights to mounting for lighting systems, hanging plants and even stained-glass panels and other artistic decorative options to name a few. See below for a full list of features and options.


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What are Geo-Growers?

Geo-Grower by Domes For LifeThere is something undoubtedly rewarding about sewing a seed in some soil and watching it successfully mature and reach its full potential.  Sometimes, however, environments and circumstances do not allow adequate conditions for uncompromised growth.   

DomesForLife has created an efficient solution for those struggling with lack of space, animal interference, brutal temperatures, exceeding rainfall, and nosey neighbors.   Our Geo-Grower is the perfect solution for those with less than ideal growing situations.

The interesting thing about the Geo-Grower structure itself is that it can be a chameleon structure for a multitude of household tasks and a convenient solution for some of the most common household functions.

Airflow through the Geo-Grower is designed to replicate the cool flowing breeze that is associated with being outdoors without the detrimental effects of being exposed to the elements.   This means that the Geo-Grower can double easily as a child play-place, and tool storage area, or a dog sun shelter! The possibilities are endless!

For those looking for the ultimate in crop protection or discrete growing we offer our Geo-Growing solution.   Made from the same sturdy materials as both the Glamper and Lounger, the grower offers superior craftsmanship tailored to the discerning botanist.  

Unlike the traditional geodesic model, our Geo-Grower dome is supported by a 360-degree lift style wall enclosure that will allow for shelving and support the vertical growth of various types of plants. The Growers are also great for commercial growing operations such as farms and cannabis and can be outfitted with a host of innovative features to create optimal growing conditions!

For those looking for the ultimate in crop protection or discrete growing, our Geo-Grower may be your ultimate solution.   Made from the same sturdy materials as both the Geo-Glamper and Geo-Lounger, the Grower offers superior craftsmanship tailored to the discerning botanist.  

Standard Geo-Grower Options

The Basic Geo-Growers come standard with: 

  • -  16’ Diameter Geodesic Steel Frame 
  • -  Vinyl Cover 
  • -  Translucent Window Panels 
  • -  Door  

That is the starting point for a whole range of customization. 


Geo-Grower Specifications

Geo-Grower by Domes For Life SpecHeight - 11'

Diameter - 16'


Geo-Grower Upgrade Options

Geo-Grower by Domes For Life Ext 001From the standard Geo-Grower you can expand on the design in a number of innovative ways to achieve the ideal environment for your needs and taste.  

Additional options include: 

Dome Size – The standard 16’ diameter size is only the starting point! DomesForLife Geo-Growers are available in sizes all the way up to 120’ diameter or over 11,000 square feet! Your only limits are the size of your space and your imagination!! 

Doors & Tunnels – Our domes can be fitted with several doorways and door options from commercial double doors to ornate decorative door designs. In addition, you can even connect multiple Geo-Grower domes together via geodesic tunnels so that you can have separate spaces that are connected so that you can travel between them without going outside! 

The larger and more ornate Geo-Growers can feature ornate décor and artistic elements such as stained-glass panels, custom printed covers, colored frames and more. 

The Growers can feature hanging points from the geodesic steel frame so that you can easily hang and mount certain plants and other features to truly create a 360-degree botanical environment. These hanging points can also be used for hanging lights that are used for growing. 

The domes can be equipped with rainwater collection systems so that you can have a constant supply of fresh water for your plants. 

Geo-Growers can also feature full climate control systems and even can have HEPA filtration systems to ensure the cleanest possible air in the space.

Geo-Grower Uses & Applications

The Geo-Grower can be used for all kinds of growing applications from personal to commercial. Here are a few:

  • -  Backyard Greenhouse
  • -  Commercial Grow Operations
  • -  Botanical Gardens
  • -  Restaurant Fresh Produce Gardens
  • -  Ranches and Farms

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