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  1. What materials are used to create the skeleton of the dome?
    We utilize professionally engineered and custom-manufactured materials for the frame and shell, usually stained hardwood or powder coated structural-quality steel.
    Materials vary depending on selected dome product but we stand behind every material we create with.   Reach out to us for specific product questions!
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  2. Can I have a custom “skin” on my dome?
    We provide custom printed skins or other custom materials upon request.
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  3. Can I lease a livable dome?
    Yes we offer leasing plans on most products.  Interested in working with us on a large scale project?  Reach out to us to find out how we can generate sizeable income from these unique rentable spaces.
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  4. Can I rent my dome on AirBnB?
    Renting your dome out to tenants on AirBnB or elseware is a great way to earn supplemental income and share the DomesForLife experience with others!
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