Iso-Dome Diner

In a time where isolating and social distancing are of extreme importance, there is nothing saying that public gatherings cannot be safely accomplished with some proper planning! Enter the Iso-Domesintentionally designed spaces to be socially distant and minimize personal contact.  

In the Iso-Dome Diner, DomesForLife has created a model for the social distance public dining scene that provides the highest level of virus protection while also allowing the essential feeling of human interaction and public gathering.  Our Iso-Dome – Diner model features HEPA air circulation and isolation of single dining parties with the focus on creating a safe dining experience in any public setting. 

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Why the Iso-Dome?

Iso-Dome Diner by Domes For Life Ext CafeOur world has certainly been changed over the last few years.   It has become more and more essential for individuals and businesses to adjust to try and maintain everyday life.   This adjustment can mean disaster for the socially based restaurant or gathering place that relies on in person interaction as a part of their normal day to day operations.

The Iso-Dome Diner provides a convenient solution to those businesses looking to allow for socially distant dining opportunities and gathering sites.   With built in heap filters and transparent walls, these units are designed to allow maximum interaction with the outdoors and surrounding areas while still providing the ultimate in protection and compliance with distancing guidelines.   

Interestingly enough, this versatile dome version can be used for almost any application that requires social distancing.   Concerts, restaurants, staging areas, VIP pods, catering tents, and medical tents are just a few of the hundreds of applications this ready to go geodesic option lends itself to!

In a time where isolating and social distancing are of extreme importance.. there is nothing saying that public gatherings can’t be safely accomplished with some proper planning.

Standard Iso-Dome – Diner Features 

The standard Iso-Dome – Diner package is based on a typical four-person 36” round diner table. For this size table and with room for guests to enter and exit easily as well as the server(s), the dome size should be 12’ diameter.  

Standard features include:

  • -  12’ Diameter Geodesic Dome Frame 
  • -  Vinyl Cover 
  • -  HEPA Air Filtration  
  • -  Door 

Additional Features & Options

Iso-Dome Diner by Domes For Life Tan Top Render 001One of the primary options on the Iso-Dome – Diner is the size of the dome. The diameter of the geodesic dome can be increased to accommodate different sizes of dinner parties and tables.

Dome / Table Sizes – Dome Diameter can be increased to allow for larger table and guest party sizes. These are designed and built custom to meet your needs so please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Sound System – Enjoy your dining experience with your favorite music selection or, if a restaurant, pick the ambiance that you want to create for your guests.

HVAC – The Iso-Dome has the option for a heating and air conditioning unit that will keep the dome climate controlled.

Power / Charging Station – The Iso-Dome comes standard with one power outlet with USB charging built in. Additional outlets can be added upon request.

Led Interior Lighting – Add a bit of ambiance to your Lounger with these energy efficient LED inlay lights. These are perfect for outdoor nighttime lounging and visual assistance.

If you want to really turn up the vibe, you can select a Bluetooth controlled, multi-colored LED array that will do patterns and impress your guests!


Iso-Dome Diner by Domes For Life Cafe Ext 001

Iso-Dome Applications

Our current Iso-Dome Diner model is designed for the dining experience. However, there are several fantastic options that it can be used for and here are a few of our favorites.

  • -  Restaurants
  • -  Resorts
  • -  Wineries / Distilleries
  • -  Poolside Cabanas
  • -  Places of Worship
  • -  Mobile Sterile Medical Prep Sites
  • -  Oxygen Bar Chambers
  • -  Children Playhouses / Schools / Daycares

The Iso-Dome can be scaled to meet other requirements with the keys being: isolation / social distancing of small groups, easily sanitizable in between uses and constant HEPA air filtration even while in use. If you feel that these uses are a good fit for your business or application, please contact us and one of our solution specialists will schedule a call to discuss options.


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